WRF Designs

Carousel & Amusement Restoration, Repair & Production

Services offered 





  • Carousel Restoration:


We have capability to complete restorations on individual pieces to entire carousels.        


Schedualed Maintenance:

Our company offers schedualed yearly maintenance packages to maintain the look of restored pieces or rides. 


    • Appraisals:

    • With our knowledge of the carousel industry we offer appraisals of individual pieces or appraisal booklets for entire rides.


      • Consultations:

      • We offer consultations for customers to offer our professional opinion on work they are looking to have done.

        Comissioned Work:

        We have a long list of carousel and non carousel art our talented professionals create upon commission. From gift shop merchandise like postcards coloring books and T-shirt designs to full scale carved one of a kind carousel figures.


        • Tours by Appointments

           Group Presentations   on Request