WRF Designs

Carousel & Amusement Restoration, Repair & Production








 The owner of WRF Designs (previously R&F Designs)

 William (Bill) Finkenstein studied at Pier School of Art

 and has taught Art in a local school system. 

Bill has over 30 years’ experience in carousel restoration and appraisals.

  He is the founder of The New England Carousel Museum,

 dedicating it to his parents Bill and Betty Finkenstein, May 20, 1989.

 Bill’s quote

 “Let the Magic Touch the Child in You!”

 continues to touch carousel lovers.

 Bill is an active advocate to save these unique pieces of antique art.





Gabe Finkenstein also studied at Pier School of Art.

Experienced as an illustrator and cartoonist he has worked with

his father (Bill) from an early age in the restoration and preservation of 

carousels. With his expertise in clasical and modern mediums Gabe hopes

to bring an understanding of the unique and spechal qualitys of

these pieces to all genarations.